The Community College Licensing Model

There are 1,650 Community Colleges in the United States, and 19 in the state of New Jersey.  Students 2 Science is an ideal synergistic partner for Community Colleges, as they share our mission but lack the resources required to form deep partnerships between the corporate and K12 communities. S2S provides the resources necessary to conduct the ISAAC Middle and High School Programs on the premises of our community college partners. 


We bring them:

  • A “turn-key” program with a proven track record of inspiring, motivating and educating Middle and High School Students
  • The potential for future growth of enrichment and workforce improvement programs
  • Facilitation of the relationship between the community college, K12 educators, and the corporate community by arranging corporate volunteers, donations of laboratory instrumentation, and supplies.
  • A higher level of scientific and technology expertise than is typically available on campus
  • A new method for bringing young students onto the campus before they have graduated from High School
  • Productive use of underutilized space and resources


Each S2S Community College Licensee has the capacity of hosting ~5,000 student visits per year, thus greatly increasing the number of K-12 students becoming exposed to an authentic STEM environment. 


Discussions with Camden County College, where we have A Memorandum of Understanding signed by the President, are underway to define responsibilities and discuss implementation logistics.