High School Program 

The S2S ISAAC High School Program consists of a variety of one day science programs for ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelve grade students. Careers covered include Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Flavors and Fragrances, and more. The Organic Chemistry Program is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of techniques used in organic chemistry, as well as the diverse array of career opportunities. During their visit, students are introduced to medicinal chemistry as they synthesize Aspirin from oil of wintergreen. Students then experience the world of food science as they isolate Limonene from citrus fruits, followed by an introduction to flavor and fragrance chemistry by synthesizing several commercial ingredients used in common flavors. Currently, S2S has 3 schools registered to participate in this exciting program during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Our goal is to inspire, motivate and educate students to the vast career potentials for scientists and technologists.

Young students, many from underprivileged areas are provided with a rare opportunity to become immersed in an authentic STEM related work environment.  Similar to an historical apprenticeship relationship, corporate technical volunteers accompany each classroom as students participate in the program, answering career related questions and providing supporting words of encouragement to the students. Promotion of the study of STEM subject matter simultaneously promotes an improved work ethic as students “buy into” and “accept the challenge” of participating in fields that have traditionally been perceived as difficult. Our program metrics provide clear indications of improvement in student problem-solving abilities, persistence, collaboration skills, innovation, and presentation skills. Participating teachers have rated the program highly effective in terms of student learning and student engagement. We are seeing the following:

  • Increased interest in pursuing STEM related careers
  • Improved participation in class
  • Improved proficiency with the subject matter

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