Students 2 Science operates a large, modern analytical chemistry laboratory for the sole purpose of hosting Middle and High School students. Students work side by side with local volunteer scientists and operate sophisticated laboratory instruments like spectrophotometers and chromatographs.  The students acquire an increased excitement and enthusiasm for studying science (STEM). We make science less intimidating, so that more students will want to pursue STEM related careers.


Our Volunteer Roles              

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volunteers and students

Mentor - The Program Mentor acts as a coach for the purpose of inspiring, motivating, and educating the students. S/he answers student questions about the professional work environment. Staying with the same group of students throughout the day, and throughout each of the three visits during the school year, s/he is an ambassador for our sponsor corporations. The Program Mentor makes themselves available to answer questions about the career application of the laboratory techniques being used. Insures safety of the students. HOURS – 8:30am to 3:00pm on days when students are present.



Lab Assistant – Assists students in following procedures, performing calculations, using instrumentation, and offers  recommendations to instructor (after students have completed the program) for modifying experimental procedures. Lab Assistants insure safety of the students by monitoring student activities.  HOURS – 8:30am to 3:00pm on days when students are present.



Instructor - A subject matter expert who instructs students as they conduct each experiment. Staying at the same experimental station throughout the day, the Program Instructor provides information in a clear and concise manor, helping to reduce the intimidation often associated with laboratory work. The Program Instructor generates  confidence and enthusiasm for the scientific technique being used. Insures safety by instructing students. HOURS – 8:30am to 3:00pm on days when students are present.



Grant Writing Assistant - Searches corporate and foundation websites to identify and recommend specific grant opportunities where we will have a high probability of success. Once agreed to, our Grant Writing Assistant begins the application process by completing as much information as possible and then passing this information to the executive director for review and improvement before submitting to Grant Making organization. HOURS – can be performed at anytime.



Special Events Coordinator - Assist in scheduling, advertising and coordinating, board meetings, open houses/information sessions and fund raisers


Creative Management - Prepare and review collateral materials such as web pages, press releases, news letters, solicitations, invitations, marketing and promotional materials


Benefits to our volunteers

  • Become a member of our team
  • Feel good while helping a young student get started on a rewarding career path
  • Receive our positive reference when applying for employment
  • Interact with other educated professionals


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