Continuing Education for Teachers
The S2S ISAAC program "brings the classroom to life" by connecting the scientific principles being taught in the class to real world applications.
The S2S experience facilitates the interaction of students, teachers and practicing STEM professionals.
Participating Schools may send up to 4 teachers to serve as assistant instructors to work along side of S2S STEM professionals and conduct experiments to gain first- hand knowledge of the work environment. 
Corporations may sponsor teachers to participate.

The V-Lab

S2S in partnership with Connectivity, Inc. has developed a fully interactive web-based, multi-lingual; hybrid distance based learning (HDBL) program supporting K-12 students and teachers. S2S provides a supplementary education experience to support teachers in the classroom by way of its V-Lab Program.  The V-Lab Program consists of a series of supplemental age appropriate, “hands-on” science experiments to be performed by the students in their local classroom and simultaneously at the S2S Technology Center by use of high speed video teleconferencing.  S2S scientists demonstrate how to conduct each experiment, and describes how the scientific techniques and learning principles are used in real world business applications.  S2S sends the kits, trains the teachers, and conducts a joint session by use of video conferencing.  Each kit contains enough materials for the teacher to run the experiments again on their own 3-4 more times.

Teaching Assistantships:
S2S will provide four Teaching Assistantships annually to assist in the design of experiments to support program development.  Additionally, they will conduct experiments during visits to the S2S Technology Center.  Working closely with the S2S Curriculum Director and laboratory personnel, teaching assistants will become proficient in New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science, age-appropriate experiment design and execution for middle and high school curricula, as well as S2S program content.