b'Students 2 Science 2022 Accomplishments Reportp 3 MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT DEAR FRIENDS OF STUDENTS 2 SCIENCE, Since our founding in 2009, Students 2 ScienceOur ability to achieve our long-term goals has strived to empower students to succeed withdepends on diversifying our funding sources. We STEM. The driving force behind our mission lies inhave had success this past year in growing our the knowledge that a diverse workforce is the keycorporate partnership program, which will make a to a strong and innovative economy and greaterbig impact on our program outreach. We have scientific discovery. Unfortunately, the studentsalso focused our efforts on growing foundation who are most needed in that workforce are oftenand individual support.the ones who lack essential resources. We will continue to inspire the next generation of STEMWe are fully committed to investing in our scholars and strive to enhance diversity within thegreatest resourcethe future generation of STEM current workforce.leaders who will solve the most critical challenges of our times. To help them succeed, we need your These past two years, while tumultuous andhelp. I hope you will join us in supporting our challenging, have given us the time to bestudents every step of the way to a successful introspective and reflect on what is trulyfuture. important to accomplish our mission. We have taken this time to strengthen our organization,Thank you for believing in Students 2 Science! through expanding our Board of Trustees, developing and implementing clear andconsistent organizational processes, and assessing and repositioning our branding to better reflect who we are.Paul A. Winslow, PhDThis Summer, we successfully piloted our firstPresident & Co-Founder Summer program with several of our After SchoolStudents 2 Science, Inc.partners. This Fall, we are reopening both of our Technology Centers for a full schedule of in-lab ISAAC programs.Going forward, we will be undertaking the development of our new Strategic Plan, rebuilding our team, and expanding our program outreach with key partners throughout New Jersey and beyond. 2022 Students 2 Science Inc. All Rights Reserved.'