b'Students 2 Science 2022 Accomplishments Reportp 6 PROGRAM EVALUATION This past year, High Impact Partnering conducted surveys of both our V-Lab and ISAAC programs, assessing their impact on teachers and students. The results were very positive and underscored the effectiveness of our programs in increasing STEM content knowledge, STEM skills, and knowledge of and interest in STEM careers. Below are selected highlights from the surveys.Evaluation Highlights V-Lab Program:Over 86% of teachers stated that the V-Lab sessions helped improve students STEM content knowledge as well as their STEM skills. Over 85% of teachers thought the V-Lab experiments improved students persistence level and over 82% saw an increase in stu-dents problem-solving skills.Over 88% of teachers thought the V-Labs were innovative and used new ways of teaching and learning. 94% of teachers agreed that the V-Lab content aligned well with education standards.ISAAC Program*: 98% of teachers stated that the ISAAC program improved students STEM content knowledge. 97% stated that participating in the program improved students STEM skills. 90% felt that the program improved students knowledge of STEM careers. 88% observed an increase in students interest in STEM careers after ISAAC sessions. *ISAAC sessions were offered at a limited capacity during April to June at the Newark Technology Center."Nothing in education beats the excitement and genuine interest expressed by students when they find out they are doing a lab in science. Every year we look forward to theV-Labs and we are eager to get back to visiting the lab in 2022-2023 where studentsget theopportunity to work on projects, use equipment, and learn alongside any oneof the awesome scientist volunteers from local industries and STEM corporations."-John R. Severs, Jr.District Supervisor of Science, Gifted Education, Irvington Public Schools 2022 Students 2 Science Inc. All Rights Reserved.'