b'Students 2 Science 2022 Accomplishments Reportp 5 2021-22 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS This year continued to present many challenges to our school partners, but Students 2 Science (S2S) remained steadfast in supporting them. This past year also marked another year of program expansion for S2S, as we prepared to reopen both Technology Centers in Fall 2022.V-Lab ProgramVirtual Lab Program(V-Lab)37,381students reachedresumed traditional, synchronous format with live interaction between2,105V-Labs deliveredinstructors and students in the classroom.ISAAC Program ISAAC Programreturned to the774 students reachedNewark Technology center after atwo-year hiatus. Volunteers were31ISAAC daysalso welcomed back to the labs to support the program.38,155total students Career Advancement Program (CAP)launched to provide studentsreached with additional opportunities to explore career and education pathways. 134 schools from25school districts andcharter school networks participated in this Out of Classroomprograms sawyears programs.significant growth supporting community partners and afterschool programs. For the first time, S2S7clubs and organizations participated in theoffered Summer V-lab programs. out of classroom programs.More than65 corporations and foundationsS2S Online Resource Centersupport S2S annually.launched in Fall 2021 and now houses over 250 College & CareerOver 1,400 volunteer hours were logged toWebinars, career videos, experiments, worksheets, and ahelp develop and refine content and to variety of other support materials. deliver our programs.2022 Students 2 Science Inc. All Rights Reserved.'